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Guava Ghost

The hottest hot stuff we got! This guava & ghost pepper combination is straight up  Toss a little of this on all of your food faves and tell us if you can feel your face after!


(3 customer reviews)

In stock

In stock

It’s getting hot in here!

3 reviews for Guava Ghost

  1. Michael

    It’s not just heat, but great flavor, too! Almost pepper-creamy for a split-second before the ghost kicks in. I agree with another reviewer who said the intensity mellows out in a reasonable time. One of my favorite sauces!

  2. Anthony

    Today I picked up one bottle from Tops. Next visit, I am picking up 10 bottles. OMG, this is the best sauce I have ever tasted. It lights up my taste buds so well. Great product

  3. earth1eric

    Gotta say I just bought the Guava Ghost and it is great. Quick initial spice that is surprisingly sweet. For me, the heat tailed off quick to a manageable and only a lingering warmth remaining after a few movements. Well done

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